Two Airport CIOs Are Cutting Turbulence – on the Ground

Two Airport CIOs Are Cutting Turbulence – on the Ground

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Technology change is tough in any industry. But consider the challenges in one of today’s most complex ecosystems: a major airport.

Airlines, vendors, retailers, and, especially, tens of millions of passengers all demand a seamless experience. And with dozens of 200-ton jets taking off and landing every hour, safety, and security are a life-and-death matter.

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Kevin Delaney

Executive Editor, Senior Writer, Podcast Producer

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Kevin Delaney: Ray Charles once said they don’t pay me to play music I do that for free. They pay me to get stuck in airports. Touring musicians or not we can all relate to the frustration of lost luggage flight delays and missed connections when flying. Today however digital technologies offer many new solutions but in the complex ecosystem of a major airport that takes some deft leadership.

Frederick McDowell: That is a challenge with IT is that we absolutely have to keep the…

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