The Digital City, and How To Get There

The Digital City, and How To Get There

Smart city experts share insights on the transformation of today’s cities.

About this podcast

Imagine a city that’s clean, safe, and economically vibrant — not to mention, fun, creative, and smart. Who wouldn’t want to live there?

But a smart city has to be a digital city. And transformation is never easy. So, what can city leaders do to realize that vision of a thriving 21st century digital city?

In this podcast, Kevin Delaney, co-author of the paper Digital Cities: Building the New Public Infrastructure, seeks answers from:

  • Bob Bennett, chief innovation officer of Kansas City, Mo.
  • Jesse Berst, founder of the Smart Cities Council
  • Dr. Sumit Chowdhury, founder of India’s Gaia Smart Cities
  • Lou Zacharilla, Intelligent Communities Forum

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Kevin Delaney

Executive Editor, Senior Writer, Podcast Producer

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