CIOs Securely Leading Digital Transformation

CIOs Securely Leading Digital Transformation

42 of the world’s leading CIOs recently gathered to discuss digital transformation, security, defining corporate culture, and today’s business landscape.

Cisco recently held its CIO Exchange in San Diego. This gathering of 42 of the world’s leading CIOs prompted dynamic discussions around digital transformation, security, corporate culture, and today’s business landscape.

Hosted by Guillermo Diaz Jr., CIO at Cisco and Chuck Robbins, CEO at Cisco, CIO Exchange spanned three days, from October 3 to October 5, 2016, and featured 14 speakers who covered today’s most pressing CIO issues.

Here are the top 10 themes that permeated the discussions:

  1. We live in a digital world where businesses are being radically transformed due to technology and connectivity.
  2. The biggest barriers to digital transformation are culture and the speed at which transformation has to happen.
  3. CIOs are driving digital transformation. They have to move faster but they also have to do it securely.
  4. Security strategy can no longer be treated as an afterthought. It must be woven into the fabric of every business decision.
  5. Organizations can’t keep throwing technology at security issues.
  6. Companies that don’t build adaptable cultures and infrastructures will struggle to survive.
  7. IT and lines of business must work together. The notion that money is with the line of business or the money is in IT—that’s irrelevant.
  8. Global turmoil is likely to continue, but the United States is better positioned than most countries to adapt.
  9. Organizations don’t need big data. They need insightful data.
  10. Being a digital organization means that industrial-era companies with traditional organization charts must be challenged. To be successful, today’s organizations need to find and hire new talent. These are people who are:
    • Computationally minded and can optimize processes.
    • Socially-adept skilled professionals who are very productive in collaborative situations.
    • Creative thinkers who find new approaches to solving problems.

Paul Gillin Contributed to this list of top 10 discussions from CIO Exchange.

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